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Green Motorhoming in Australia

Many Australia companies are now taking significant steps to minimise the carbon footprint of motorhome travellers.  Here is what some of the companies say about their environmental initiatives:

Enviro, Maui, Britz, Backpacker
Enviro, Maui, Britz and Backpacker Campers, all operated by one of Australasia’s premier tourism operator, THL, who takes environmental responsibility very seriously.

With Enviro, Maui, Britz and Backpacker, every time you re-fuel, you're helping to care for Australia's natural assets.

As someone who has chosen to holiday in Australia, Tourism Holdings Limited (THL), operator of Enviro, Maui, Britz and Backpacker, recognise that you appreciate the special qualities of our environment. The landscapes and wildlife that make Australia special are precious, and they need protection.

To make it easy for visitors to show their respect for our country's natural assets THL has teamed with BP to be the first campervan rental company to participate in the BP Global ChoiceTM program. This participation is a significant step in THL Rentals' plans for a greener future.

THL's involvement gives us the opportunity to start making a difference today, right now, in a way that is accountable to the public and their customers.

How does the BP Global ChoiceTM program work?

BP's environmental program, BP Global ChoiceTM, is designed to offset emissions caused by the fuel consumption of THL's Britz, Maui and Backpacker campervans.

BP Global ChoiceTM works like a set of balance scales. it aims to balance the greenhouse emissions generated through fuel consumption by helping Australian projects to reduce emissions by an equivalent amount. BP calculates the greenhouse emissions that THL's fuel consumption generates. THL Rentals then directly pays a small premium on top of any fuel purchase according to the percentage of emissions they would like to offset - and THL have chosen to offset 100%. That premium is then invested in abatement projects around Australia.

To date BP Global ChoiceTM has reduced greenhouse gas emissions in Australia by 819,824 tonnes, which is equivalent to taking 122, 523 cars off the road. THL Rentals is eager to help increase this number further and take action against climate change.

BP Global ChoiceTM is the first program to be independently audited and certified Greenhouse Friendly by the Australian Greenhouse Office. Valuable emission reduction projects are identified and contracted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated by customer’s use of BP fuel.

It's nice to know that your Australian adventure is giving something back to nature with THL!

Kea Campers
The maximum age of our rental vehicle fleet is 2.5 years. Every vehicle is kept in prime condition by a thorough maintenance checking process, undergoing a comprehensive service every time it returns to the depot. This ensures the highest quality standards are maintained and a carefree holiday is guaranteed. This also means our vehicles' engines have the latest technology, resulting in better fuel economy and lower emissions.

What can you do when driving around Australia?

    * Choose a rental vehicle that suits your needs. Large or powerful vehicles are fun but they do produce higher emissions. A smaller vehicle which is overloaded is also inefficient.
    * If you are visiting a main centre, consider parking up your vehicle and using public transport or walking instead of driving. Walking is the most sustainable form of transport and is a great way to see many Australian cities.
    * Drive with a smile. Keeping to the speed limit, looking at the traffic ahead and driving smoothly saves fuel and reduces emissions. Driving efficiently can reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 25%.
    * Switching off your engine when you are stopped for more than 30 seconds prevents emissions and does not harm the engine. Idling your engine gives you 0 kilometers per litre. This is particularly important for diesel engines which also produce harmful particulates.  
    * Turn off the extras when you don’t need them. Using the air conditioning can add 10% to your fuel bill and CO2 emissions. Use the air vents and keep windows up when travelling at open road speed.

Try to avoid traffic congestion. Many major towns and cities suffer from congestion. Avoiding peak times saves fuel, CO2 emissions and aggravation.